Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brow Zings

Brow Zings 
by Benefit 
Where can I get this?
Sephora/ Ulta
Why I {crave} this product?
This is a must for amazing full looking, perfectly shaped brows. It comes in three shades: light, medium and dark.
About this product: 
The kit includes a soft, pigmented wax that defines and shapes brows and a color complementing setting powder to keep them looking wow, plus discreet tweezers for pesky stray hairs, a hard angle brush, and a blending brush.


  1. I use something like this too! I LOVE your new blog! Fun!

  2. Randee tells me all the time that you have great style and organization, so I am here to check you out:) I would love to see lots of organizational tips on a student loan salary!!


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