Monday, March 7, 2011


Plink Garbage Disposer Deodorizer
Price: $4.99
Where can you get it?
Your local grocery store or Amazon
What I {crave} it?
I am in love with these little balls of freshness. They work so great and make my whole kitchen smell so fresh and clean. You just drop them in, turn your garbage disposal on and let them work their magic.
Tired of that awful garbage disposal smell filling up your kitchen? Plink® Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizers are the perfect and easy solution to eliminating garbage disposal odors. Plink® was invented by a plumber to work in seconds. Each small, round capsule contains lavender scented liquid safely encased by a patented hardening process. Plinks break open to deodorize the disposal and dissolve fatty deposits which cultivate unpleasant odors. Plinks are biodegradable and cannot harm pipes or your disposal. Simply drop Plink® tab into your drain, turn on the water and disposal, and it goes right to work, breaking up the food particles that have built up inside your garbage disposal. You'll love the scent of lavender mist as it freshens your whole kitchen too. For best results, Plink your sink at least twice a week. Note: This product contains Bitrex™, a bitter coating to discourage children from swallowing. Features:• Breaks up fat and food particles• Helps prevent clogging• Freshens your whole kitchen

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  1. Such a fun blog! I'm obsessed with these, I try to convince myself I don't need to use them everyday!


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