Monday, May 23, 2011

Stain Remover

Carbona Stain Wizard

Where can I find it?
JoAnn's Fabric Store
Why I {crave} it?
This stain remover is seriously magic. It saved so many of our baby clothes that were drenched in spit up, throw up and baby poop; it takes the stain out of everything!
More about this product:
Delta Carbona Stain Wizard Prewash is an all natural bio-enzyme formula that penetrates, breaks-up and removes stains quickly and effectively from most fabrics. Now you can remove most grease, protein-based and strongly color stains caused by fat, oil, blood, milk, fruit, ketchup, vegetables and baby food. It even removes stubborn, old stains from fabric. Safe for all washables, colorfast textiles except silk.


  1. For some crazy reason I havent gotten on this blog of yours in like a month and I have been missing out! :) I love good cleaning supplies so thanks for the laundry tip! So i need you to email or post a special post just for me (and many other moms too i guess) about your favorite double stroller/strollers and what you love about them... I havent even started looking, but i figured I would ask you before spending hours doing research of my own, when I'm sure I'll just get whatever you recommend :) love ya!

  2. Thank you! Driving myself NUTS trying to get those stains out of Brady's infant clothes for the new baby. I will be picking up a bottle of this asap!


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